Fire Tube Steam Boiler



     The exhaust gas flow of the overheat fire tube boiler is 3Pass,

with the rear combustion chamber in the wet combustion method,

so that it has a very high heat absorption rate and since the fire tube is 

manufactured in wave shape, so the design can cope with heat expansion, 

guaranteeing safety and also it has a simple structure, enabling easy maintenance 

and also, it can guarantee short delivery time and less installation cost because 

a complete product is manufactured and installed.







  • The rear combustion chamber of wet type has no loss of heat. Its smoke tube is designed as spiral type to comply with thermal expansion, which features high safety and high heat absorption rate. High heat absorption rate per unit area approves it to be a very efficient boiler.
  • With less water and lower preheating load than existing boilers, it cuts down the fuel expenses and easily copes with load changes.
  • The ideal arrangement of smoke tube makes water smoothly circulate. The special waterproof plate increases the dryness degree of steam and prevents a lowering of production efficiency that may result from wet steam or the corrosion of water hammer pipe.
  • Minimized ventilation loss, leading to inexpensive maintenance cost and very low boiler noise.
  • Simple structure convenient for check and maintenance, simple installation leading to short installation period and inexpensive installation cost, and good-looking experience.
  • Minimized heat loss resulting in maximized heat efficiency and low steam production cost.


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