Low NOx High-Efficiency Vacuum Hot Water Heater


Available to use for various purpose. Easy handling. Long life and satisfying the various needs of users. Choose among one-circuit and two-circuit ways depending on the purpose of use.



  • Achieving more then 91% efficiency
  • Owing to low amount of heat agent in the pipes and the heat switching method by reduced pressure steam, hot water can be produced in 5 minutes.
  • Four types of safety devices such as thermometer, pressure safety plate, overheat prevention switch and vacuum switch are equipped as standard features securing safety.
  • Made of stainless steal with strong corrosion resistance. Easy to repair and inspect with adapting U letter-type heat switchers and flange.
  • Anybody can operate without license or inspection.




For heating and hot water circulation (333K→343) <60℃→70℃>

For hot water supply (298K→338) <25℃→65℃>

For hot water supply (278K→338) <5℃→65℃>


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